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A Message from Dianne


Almost no one in Chester County wants dangerous pipelines, loss of our most revered open spaces, or under-performing, unaccountable charter schools siphoning money out of our public school district. But these things and more are forced on us. Do you know why?

State law mandates these decisions and others get made in Harrisburg, rather than in our communities. And Harrisburg is ruled by too many politicians who are, in turn, controlled by the massive lobbies that fund them: Big Energy, Big Developers, and Big Charter Schools, among others. It’s time we change this imbalance of power.

I am running to represent the people of the 156th District, not the special interests of multi-national corporations. I oppose Mariner East, I’m concerned about overdevelopment on the Crebilly Farm heritage land, and I think we must hold charter schools as accountable as we hold our high-performing public school district. Because of my views, I won’t be receiving big dollars from big special interests.


I need you to help me fight back. I need you to be part of a new kind of politics: People-powered politics! 

It takes a lot of money to run a successful campaign for state representative, about $200,000 to be exact. Even if you can give just $10, it will help me defray the costs of staffing and advertising my campaign. In fact, we’ve dubbed this new effort the “10 x 20” campaign because we must raise $200,000 from citizens like you to generate the digital and mail-based communications we need to reach every voter during these times of social distancing and ensure victory in November.


That’s why we are asking 20,000 voters to contribute just $10 to our campaign. And that's just one-third the population of the 156th Legislative District.


As Mayor of West Chester, I have found there is nothing more important than building a strong community, and this begins with each and every one of us. As Mayor, I have also learned there’s only one way for us to achieve our shared goals, and that’s together. I believe in restoring the balance of power. I believe in strong community. I believe in you.


Join your friends and neighbors! Donate now, and help me serve you, not Big Money special interests, in Harrisburg. And check back here to see how we’re doing!




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