Equal Opportunity

For too long, policymakers have supported special interests, and PA ranks in the bottom five of states in terms of corruption. Our policies need to be based on our social, economic, and environmental priorities, not on pure lobbying power.

We need to be sure our votes count equally. That's why need fair districts, not gerrymandered districts drawn by political parties.

We need to recognize that healthcare is essential for every person. That's why we need equal access to hospitals, doctors, nurses and practitioners for everyone, including veterans.

We need to be sure all children receive the educational services they need to achieve their potential. That's why we need equal access to equitably-funded public schools. 

We need to help those who are systematically diminished by policies historically rooted in discriminatory practices. That's why we need to address racial inequity and LGBTQ+ discrimination. 

We need to bring the community and the police to the same table. As the Mayor of West Chester and civilian head of the West Chester Police Department, I fully appreciate the need for everyone to feel safe, for our communities to be protected, and for everyone to be treated with the respect they deserve. 

Dianne will look beyond special interests and fight for equitable distribution of resources, so those who need help get it, so those who seek opportunity get it, so we can all contribute to a stronger community, local economy, and society.