For a Better Future

Dianne will fight for:

  • Charter school reform as proposed by Governor Wolf to establish performance standards, cap enrollment in low-performing cyber charter schools, require accountability from charter management companies, and create fair, predictable, and equitable funding, including for special education students and cyber charter tuition payments. Fair funding is needed so districts pay charter schools per-pupil tuition based on actual instructional costs. Currently, more than $9 million flows out of WCASD's taxpayer-funded budget to charter schools.

  • Removal of voucher programs, which siphon millions of dollars of taxpayer money away from public school districts. Public schools have strong accountability measures for public meetings, transparency, governance, academic achievement, testing/reporting and financial responsibilities. Private educations should be funded with private money.

  • Elimination of the achievement gap. Significant and persistent disparities in academic performance or educational attainment between groups of students due to factors like income inequality, language barriers, and racial differences need to be addressed.