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Time For Change

School Bus & Children

Strong Communities

98% of businesses in the Commonwealth are small businesses. The pandemic has hurt these independently-owned engines of our economy, and we need policies and programs to help sustain them and keep our local economy strong and viable.

For a Better Future

Public schools are the cornerstone of our communities and we must keep them strong. Policies that drain taxpayer money out of our public school system and force an over-reliance on standardized testing as the singular measure of a student's potential must change. Dianne will fight for fully and fairly funded public education.

The Stakes are High

It's time to set in motion a real plan to stop our reliance on dirty energy and dangerous pipelines, and build a clean energy economy that leaves no one behind. Dianne is a professional energy consultant who will lead us into a green economy that works for all, keeping our families and planet safe and healthy.

Equal Opportunity

Our policies need to put more resources where they are needed so those who are systemically repressed, disadvantaged, or in need of help can rise to their fullest potential and have equal access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunity.


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